What to Expect if you are New

You’ll find a people of all shapes and sizes, colours and cultures all jumbled up and happy to be ourselves. We hope you feel welcome because that is what matters to us most, that here you will find family, a place where you can feel accepted, loved and free to be just you. If you feel like you are a work in progress, that’s great because that’s what we are too

Expect warm and friendly Sundays

On Sunday mornings you can expect to find a group of people gathered to sing and express their love for God, pray and listen to a Bible message firmly based on the word of God. You are welcome to join in or to simply observe, as you feel comfortable. Our meetings keep both believers and non-believers in Christ in mind. After the meeting everyone gathers over a cup of coffee. Church of the Holy Spirit is known for its friendliness and warmth, so please stay and have a chat afterwards.

What kind of Church is CHS?

The Church of the Holy Spirit is an Anglican church with a relaxed and informal approach to doing church. We are a close community that feels much like family. While there are Anglican traditions (a close connection to our parish, regular communion and festivals) our focus is on worshipping God and allowing members and visitors to come as you are. We call it ‘messy church’ because people come before programs and perfectionism.


What if I'm not a Christian?

We place high value on following the life of Christ and not just believing in him. That said, we are far from perfect, we are simply normal people who believe in an extraordinary God, who need his grace and forgiveness every day. If you don’t believe in the message of Jesus, or haven’t been to church in a while or ever, you are so welcome. Non-believers are welcome. We also have a special heart for people who need to gently warm up to church and who may need some healing after tough experiences in the past.

What is the Holy Spirit?

After Jesus’ death, he rose and returned to his followers, promising the Holy Spirit would come to be with them. The third person of the trinity, the Holy Spirit has always existed and he plays the role of our comforter, spirit of truth and a guide to the message about salvation and Jesus. Jesus came in the form of a man limited to one body, but the Holy Spirit can be with people all over the world at one time. We welcome Holy Spirit to our meetings, our lives and our work, with a profound sense of peace and joy frequently the sign that he is present.


“This is a special place where I feel totally accepted for who I am”

(New CHS Member)