Westlake United Churches Trust (WUCT)

CHS and two other denominations (Presbyterian and Congregationalists) have joined together to register theWUCT for social and spiritual development in Westlake. Made up of representatives of the churches, local community and aid agencies, the trust is managing the long term development of the community.

In October 2002 the trust secured the ownership of the former Commando Hall in Westlake. This large building has been converted and re-furbished as: a creche / welfare office / community development centre / skills training centre / Sunday worship venue.

How Can I Get Involved?

Prayer. Please pray for all developments in Westlake
Finances. Gifts payable to “The Westlake United Churches Trust” will speed the development of the Hall and all the other projects within the community.
Volunteering. If you can find time on a regular (or irregular) basis, please contact the CHS office to find out what skills are needed.

For more info visit the WUCT website

Emmanuel Educare Centre

Where: Westlake
Talk to Eleanor Lawrence or Ros Fox
What: Preschool for the Westlake community run by the Westlake United Churches Trust

Whoami Camps

What: Life changing camps for school children
Talk to Charlotte Rasson

Future Talk

Where: Westlake Primary School
When: Wednesday at 2:30pm
Talk to Ronald Abels
What: Grade 7s Christian life group that explore faith and life decisions.

Life Matters

Where: Westlake Primary School
When: 9am-10am or 11am-12am slots available all week
Talk to Cathi Henderson
What: Reading with children

Soup Kitchen

Where: Westlake
When: Saturdays
Talk to Charlotte Rasson
What: Supporting Lisa who runs a soup kitchen for local children from her home