Human foolishness & the wisdom of the cross
Zane preaches from 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 on remaining focused on Jesus, the wisdom of God
Not law, but promise – 28 Feb.
Katie Wade preaches from Romans 4:13-25
How to grow in the Christian life
Join us as Brendan Fox preaches from Mark 1 at the start of Lent.
Commitment Sunday
Join us as we prayerfully consider how God is calling each one of us to respond in commitment as Gods church in 2021
Vision Sunday
Brendan preaches from Joshua 3 at Vision Sunday 2021
Prayer Sunday@CHS
Join us as we begin a week of prayer as a church community!
What kind of house will you build?
Trevor Owen preaches from Acts

“CHS was started with the original vision of welcoming back the prodigals -
those who have been broken by life or church or those on the outside
wanting to be welcomed in”

(CHS Founding Member)