Together in Jesus Christ growing in God’s Mission to the World in the Power of the Holy Spirit.


Together in Jesus Christ means that we value accountable community and the local church as an expression of the community of the “one, holy catholic and apostolic church” of the Nicene Creed.

Growing in God’s Mission means that God is the initiator of his purpose in the world and we are learning how to join in with what he is doing. We haven’t arrived and we’re “work in progress” with a long way to go yet.

To the World in the Power of the Holy Spirit means that we are to be a church for others (including the outsider, the vulnerable and the spiritually “lost”). We rely on the gift of the Holy Spirit to empower us with the heart and the tools to serve.

We are evangelical & charismatic, which means that we believe:

  • The gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful to save people out of alienation from God and into a dynamic relationship with him;
  • The Bible is a book of scriptures that are “God-breathed” and authoritative for revealing God and his will for every aspect of belief and life;
  • Jesus died on the cross as a unique act that fulfilled God’s holiness and our need for a Saviour;
  • Every person must make a personal decision to accept Jesus as first Authority and Saviour and be marked as one of his by the gift of the Holy Spirit;
  • That the same gift that the earliest disciples of Jesus received is available to every one who makes that commitment and that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are all fully available to all today.

We are also Anglican & missional, which means that:

  • We belong to a global multi-cultural family with a heritage, a structure of governance, a wide network and plenty of accumulated wisdom along with the faults, failures and foibles of any human family
  • We are, as Archbishop William Temple said “the only organisation that exists for the benefit of it’s non-members” and indeed to work for justice in society and righteousness towards the created environment too.
  • Every follower of Jesus has a valuable role to play in the Mission of God.