At CHS we believe that we are all called to a 3-dimensional life in Jesus Christ:

  • in relationship to God,
  • to one another and
  • in serving those around us.

We believe that relationships should be at the heart of our service and that as we do so, God transforms both those who receive and those who give.

Here are a few ways you can get involved: with time, resources, money or most importantly prayer.

Capricorn Missional Community

The CMC longs to see our relationships and communities transformed by Jesus and to see the Kingdom of God breaking into the reality of everyday life in Capricorn. Join us at one of our quarterly prayer meetings and celebrations to find out more or visit one of the ministries listed below.

Future Talk

When: Tuesday 3-4pm

Where: Capricorn Primary School

Talk to David Chirwa or Ronald Abels

What: Grade 7s Christian life group that explores life decisions and spiritual truths.

Soccer Ministry

When: Monday & Friday practices at 4pm and Bible study on Thursday

Where: Capricorn

Talk to David Chirwa

What: Soccer training and teaching boys about healthy life choices and exploring their faith.

Lifts to church

When: Sunday morning

Where: From Pick ‘n Pay Capricorn to CHS

Talk to Ronald Abels

What: Lifts to church for those who live in Capricorn, Vrygrond, Overcome

Capricorn Prayer Group

When: Thursday 7pm

Where: Capricorn

Talk to Margaret Jacobs

What: Homegroup to share and pray together.



Westlake United Churches Trust (WUCT)
CHS and two other denominations (Presbyterian and Congregationalists) have joined together to register theWUCT for social and spiritual development in Westlake. Made up of representatives of the churches, local community and aid agencies, the trust is managing the long term development of the community.

In October 2002 the trust secured the ownership of the former Commando Hall in Westlake. This large building has been converted and re-furbished as: a creche / welfare office / community development centre / skills training centre / Sunday worship venue.


  • COMMUNITY ADVICE OFFICE has been established by WUCT, which is run by two members of the Westlake community. They assist the community with queries regarding IDís (identity documents), social grants, typing of cvís and printing services. They also help people to find employment and assist the community with transport to and from the Home Affairs Office, Social Services, Police Station, or Hospital. They also manage the Hall Complex for its tenants, who hire out the hall for church services, forum meetings and other community functions. This office is buzzing with activity as they tend to a constant stream of people from the community or visitors who come in daily. We estimate approximately 400 people per month visit this office.
  • The EMMANUEL EDUCARE CENTRE is a registered pre-school, run by WUCT for 194 children aged from 3 to 6 years. Mrs Eleanor Lawrence, a retired schoolteacher, is the Principal. She is assisted by Hazel, Val, Cher, Maxine, Amezil and Gretchen, who are trained teachers, as well as Pauline,  Shirley, Portia, Amanda and Dolly, who are the teachers’ assistants.  Maria, Anna, Doreen and Phamela run the kitchen and prepare breakfast,lunch and afternoon tea for the children. There is a Board of Governors who meet regularly. The preschool is open from 07h00 to 15h00 Monday to Friday. The school has recently been renovated and extended. The pre-school is always in need of funds as the teachers salaries are very low and many children require assistance with their school fees.  Our caretaker, Japie, is a highly valued member of the team, and we have a part-time admin assistant at the school as well.
  • HOME BASED CARE PROGRAM in partnership with the Department of Health. We employ a registered nursing sister who co-ordinates the program, 15 trained home based carers, including a full-time community healthcare worker, who visit and care for sick people in their homes. We also employ 2 Patient Advocates (Treatment Supporters) who monitor anti-retroviral treatment (ART) and report back to the ART roll-out site . We also run CHRONIC DISEASE SUPPORT GROUPS in Westlake and surrounding areas, for mainly elderly people who suffer from conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.

How Can I Get Involved?

  • Prayer. Please pray for all developments in Westlake
  • Finances. Gifts payable to “The Westlake United Churches Trust” will speed the development of the Hall and all the other projects within the community.
  • Volunteering. If you can find time on a regular (or irregular) basis, please contact the CHS office to find out what skills are needed.


Future Talk camps

What: Life changing camps for school children

Talk to Ronald Ables

Future Talk

Where: Westlake Primary School

When: Wednesday at 2:30pm

Talk to Ronald Abels

What: Grade 7s Christian life group that explore faith and life decisions.


The Warehouse

The Warehouse exists to serve the South African church network in its response to poverty, injustice and division. They work with local churches in all communities, helping them to implement sound, effective and practical acts and renewed attitudes, to see transformation in our communities.


Talk to Caroline Harrington or Simon Pearson

Habitat for Humanity

Pollsmoor Prison

Home from Home

Police Prayer Ministry

Hope House