Who are we?
As women, we face a lot of challenges in our lives… We are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, employers & employees, helpers, and so on! We are busy!! We channel energy in many different directions and we face challenges through many of these too.

On the one hand, it is such a privilege to be a woman as we are able to experience this wonderful intensity of life but, on the other hand, it can be exhausting and stressful trying to juggle all the balls we have in the air. And then when we face the really tough issues that life throws our way, we need to be able to stand our ground.

We need to have places to go where we get revitalized and re-oriented on an ongoing basis.

We, as a group of women have found that through being honest and real about the difficulties and challenges in our lives, we are able to support and guide each other. And so we have realized more and more how critical significant women are to our lives.

Women who understand us and stand by us – who laugh & cry together, pray for & encourage each other and also those who bring God’s perspective of the big picture back into place. So, we started Ladies Linking

How do we Link?
Our Annual Women’s Event: We have a ticketed event for ladies to connect, share and listen over snacks & drinks.

Our Monthly Coffee Mornings: We believe every woman has a story worth sharing and we invite ladies to come & join us to connect over coffee & hear some significant stories!

How do we Link?
If you would like to rsvp to our events, to link up or just ask questions, please email Angie on angie@chscapetown!