CHS ACM (including SJPM Pty Ltd and the Ubomi Charitable Trust)

You are invited:

To the Church of the Holy Spirit Annual Church Meeting including Ubomi Charitable Trust AGM & St John’s Property Management Pty Ltd AGM on 16 May at 6pm.

Join us as we give thanks for all God has done in the last year. We will be receive end of year reports and annual financial statements for each entity, as well as electing a minimum of 3 new pastorate members and new church and parish wardens.

Pastorate members function as overseers of the spiritual and practical well-being of the congregation. Nominations need to be received by 16 May, please contact Brendan for nomination forms.

If you you like to attend and need transport from Westlake – contact at or from Capricorn – contact McDonald at

CHS Annual Report 2022

SJPM Annual Report 2022

Ubomi Annual Report 2022

St Johns Property Management (Pty) Ltd Financial Statements 2022

CHS AFS 2022

CHS is hiring!

CHS is hiring and has an exciting new job opportunity for someone to join our team as Finance Manager.

Job description below. Applications close on Monday 20th February 2023.

For all those interested please contact Brian Hilliard, our CHS Treasurer at


Special Church Meeting – November 13

Notice is given to all CHS congregants of a Special Church Meeting directly after the service on Sunday 13 November. Feedback will be given on the Associate Rector application process by the selection committee

Life Centre Fundraiser with the CTYC

Join us for a fabulous evening of music and celebration as the Cape Town Youth Choir performs on the building site of the new CHS Life Centre in Kirstenhof, Cape Town!

This incredible group of young South Africans who sing at the highest international standard will be sharing a musical evening to raise funds to equip the CHS Life Centre for sound and music. 

Connection and community are a central part of this Life Centre which is being built to serve God while serving others. The building will be a church at the centre and also accessible to all, 7 days a week, to equip and empower for generations to come. There will be facilities for spiritual growth and family support, education, skills development and business resourcing, creative expression and more. “The Table” will be a central cafe where all are welcome to connect and share over great coffee and food.  

We give thanks to God and the many who are a part of this remarkable story of life and hope there is much anticipation for how the fully operational Life Centre will impact the surrounding communities.

We look forward to sharing this special musical experience together! 

SHOW STARTS @ 17:00 on 24 September 2022


New Minister-in-Charge

CHS is in an exciting state of transition, being led by the Holy Spirit to explore new ways of being church. We are being led step by step on a journey of faith and growth, and God has miraculously provided resources, both people and financial, as the needs have arisen. We are spending a lot of time as a church staff, leadership and church family, in conversation, prayer and discussion as to how the vision God has given us will be practically achieved, and continue to be excited at new developments and ideas.

We are seeking to appoint a new Minister-in-Charge from 1 January 2023 (negotiable) who will join our team on this pioneering journey. CHS is one of six churches in the Anglican Parish of St. John’s, Wynberg, Cape Town, and the minister will also serve as an Associate Rector in the Parish. He/she must be an ordained Anglican minister.

Through our recent survey and other discussions, we feel our new leader needs to be:

  • a person who has a deep and intimate relationship with God, is led by the Holy Spirit and experienced in prayer ministry in the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit,
  • gifted in preaching the Word of God to a diverse community,  
  • passionate to see God’s kingdom grow and influence the world around us,
  • a courageous and strategic team leader with a servant heart, and deeply sensitive to the inherited pain and divisions resulting from South Africa’s past history,
  • a leader with a heartfelt passion for mission outside the walls of our building, and a strong desire to welcome all to God’s Table.

He/she needs to have heard God’s call to this pioneering church and be ready to face the challenges that will arise with prayerful discernment and wise leadership.

Anyone wishing to explore and test God’s calling to lead our community is invited to submit a CV and covering letter to

The closing date for applications is Sunday 2nd October 2022.

AR Profile



Dear CHS

On Sunday 28th August we are having our annual church meeting.
We plan to finish the service before 10:15am, then have a short break to collect a cup of coffee or tea and finish the meeting by 11am.
Please find the report attached which covers our journey through change and summarises some of our ministries.
We will also be presenting the 2021 financial statement for approval
There will be opportunity for your suggestions and questions and we hope to see you there.

Warm regards

CHS Annual Report PDF

CHS AFS 2021


CHS seeks to appoint a part-time Operations Managers for 20 hours per week.

The main purpose of this role is to provide operations management and support at CHS. Further Details in the downloadable pdf.

Please forward a CV, letter of motivation and the names of three contactable references to:  

Proposed starting date: 1 September 2022 or as soon as possible closing date for applications: Friday, 12 August 2022 

Please note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Should you not hear from us within a month from the closing date, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

Song Writing @CHS

Song writing has always been a part of how CHS expresses itself in worship to God. There have many songs that have been written through the different seasons of the church that have spoken to people and circumstances and encouraged people to seek God deeper and more meaningfully when they worship. It is such a special heritage and continues to be something we are trying to press into as a worship team and a community.

This is not just about singing pretty songs written by people we know, but this is a fundamental part of the greater vision of the Life Centre. We believe that we are called to be a people of many nations and a people that are actively involved in the world around us. Part of being involved in these things is addressing them in our worship. How can we say we stand for justice if we do not lament the injustices we see? How can we celebrate God’s Kingship without humbly coming and saying, “Have Your Way in us?” We also believe that our worship should reflect the diversity within our church and the different shared experiences of how we engage in worship with one another. We cannot say we celebrate diversity and only worship in one style or language. We need to press into these things both with our minds and our hearts, and so it needs to be part of our creativity and our musical and artistic expressions of worship.

Lastly, I do believe that God has gifted many in our congregation with wonderful gifts of all kinds and part of the vision of the Life Centre is creating opportunities and sustained provision for people to continue to explore those talents and giftings and be able to honour God in them but to also be able to feed their families. Discipleship as well as economic stability. And this is also true for those who have been gifted to create and write worship songs.

God has been moving among us – there have been numerous songs written over the last few years that really speak into where we find ourselves as a community. Songs written from stories shared, relationships that have been built and hearts that have been broken over the mess of the world around us. Not songs by one person only – though we have some of those – but also songs written in relationship with others when Spirit-inspired with a shared vision of what God is saying. We recently received our first of two bi-annual royalty payments from CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International), and I was so surprised by the amount of income we received! Only God! We have not advertised or made a point of sharing our songs, but people have been using them. It was such a joy to be able to share that with those who helped to write the songs we have been singing.

I invite you to reflect on the one song we wrote Have Your Way and ask you how is God calling you to use your gifts to challenge us as a community? To help us experience God in a new and deeper way? To equip others and build something new?

God bless you. You have been fearfully and wonderfully made for this season and time.

Cat and the Worship team

Prayer Diary 25 Oct

MON 25th OCT 2021

THANKSGIVING: Thank You Lord for the PCE decision to go ahead with the construction phase to the minimum build standard; for the two cottages that have been sold, the finances that have continued to come in for the Life Centre, that the piling was all completed without any hiccups & within budget – what a journey of Faith! We are building a Body, not just a building!

WE PRAYED FOR: Upcoming Friday night’s service on the construction site – Praise & prayer over the foundations! For the planning of the different uses & tenants for the Life Centre; For the election of the new pastorate members on Sunday; for the venue & the various challenges & set-up issues; for Brendan & family – for a new boldness & confidence in Him; for those that are sick, struggling; for the CHS staff & preparation for Deborah starting next week; for Zane & family – strength, courage, boldness, peace, His Prescence in their lives – Ps 94:19 – ‘When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy”. We prayed for Brendan & Brian – for wisdom, anointing, , guidance, His leading, a sensitivity to Him for Him keeping us on course’; For a venue soon where we can all meet across the generations!

We prayed that He would take us into His fullness, that those outside the Church would come in, for God’s love to be manifest, for His praise to ever be on our lips, for boldness & the gift of faith, to be witnesses of his power within us; like Peter at Pentecost, that we could proclaim in a way that people would hear, that there’d be freedom from sin & brokenness, that He would pour out His Spirit, that there’s be a cleansing like in baptism, that there’d be a window open in the heavenlies, that we’d make the most of every opportunity, that in God’s upside down Kingdom, people are first, then buildings;

Help us Lord remain connected to each other & to be faithful in the space that you have put us!