We were so encouraged to receive a letter of thanks from a single mother this week.

“The relief fund is not just helping with food on the table and feeding our children. It has given me hope, just when I though all was lost. It restored my faith that we still have good in the world. When it seemed no was willing to help God sent CHS our way. Thank you for giving us more than a meal, thank you for caring and giving us hope.”

In the last few weeks the congregation has generously donated more than R70 000 which has enabled us through key partnership with the parish, Siyakula Relief and WUCT to purchase around 257 food parcels and vouchers for families in need.

To help keep others safe and comply with new regulations, this week we have started up several CHS Face Mask micro businesses in Westlake and Capricorn. Working with a local Kirstenhof curtain business we have put starter packs together for each sales person with 20 affordable, high quality masks (adults&kids sizes) and a pile of multilingual flyers about the safe use of masks to distribute,.

In this time of crisis the church is expressing God’s love through food, masks and most importantly… hope.