Partners & Networks

The Church of the Holy Spirit can be found at a cross-roads, a literal one, that connects a handful of vibrant and different communities. A hope in diversity attracts us, belief in God unites us, and we are learning to speak the same language of love. We value being part of God’s great army and work with partners with a similar heart and call. Linking with our networks enriches and multiplies the impact of our service.

Parish of Churches

CHS values being part of the broader church of God and believe it grows accountability and connection. We belong to the Parish of St Johns, Wynberg which includes:

six churches that work together to support and encourage one another in God’s service
an NGO, The Warehouse, which aims to inspire, equip and connect churches to become a transforming and transformative presence in their communities and address poverty injustice & division.
and the St Johns Leadership Academy (SJLA) which trains and develops pioneering mission-shaped church leaders for our complex South African context.

Capricorn and Vrygrond Community

CHS has strong links with, and a heart for, the community in Capricorn / Vrygrond and Lavender Hill.  Together with NGOs like Yebo Life, Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and leaders from local churches such as The Bay Church / Siyakhula, CHS runs life skills and discipleship programmes in Capricorn Primary School, plus children’s sport and art clubs, and more.   Stories of how God is at work through our Future Life Ministries can be read on our Community Connections page.

Westlake Community

CHS is a founding member of the Westlake United Churches Trust (WUCT) which supports the development of the Westlake community through various projects and initiatives such as the Community Advice Office, Emmanuel Educare Pre-school and the Home-Based Caring Programme. We partner with other churches to run life skills and discipleship programmes in Westlake Primary School, as well as the local youth group and are excited by our recently launched after-school tutoring programme. More information can be found on our Community Connections page

Kirstenhof Community

CHS is actively involved in the local Kirstenhof community, working together with the police and local community groups such as the Kirstenhof Neighborhood Watch and the Kirstenhof and Environs Ratepayers Association (KERA). CHS also meets regularly with leaders of other local Baptist, Methodist and Anglican churches (through the Muizenberg Ministers Forum) to pray for the community, as well as joining the Kirstenhof Police Station (SAPS) prayer meetings and leading and hosting services in local retirement villages. Community Carols hosted by CHS each Christmas have provided a special time of connection with our Kirstenhof neighbours.

U-turn Homeless Ministries

During Covid-19 CHS developed a special working relationship with U-turn homeless ministries. We offered our building to provide a home for 10 vulnerable women from the Muizenberg street community. These ladies are being lovingly supported and cared for by a team led by U-turn and involving several other NGO’s. We are so grateful for all the volunteers who have donated and offered their time and skills to equip and empower the ladies at this microsite shelter. This has been an encouraging demonstration of the CHS Life Centre coming into being.

Broader Networks

CHS also partners with a range of other organisations to connect and support our local communities, including:


Alpha South Africa through Alpha courses which encourage people to explore spirituality and ask the difficult questions about life and faith. Members of the CHS community are also on the staff and board of Alpha.


Growing the Church / Fresh Africa to explore fresh expressions of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church.


Hope House Ministries for counselling and support.

Helping Hands and the Zanokhanya Network to assist in identifying and pursuing work and career opportunities for community members.

The Bay Church and Siyakhula to help restore and rebuild families with dignity in Capricorn.

The Message Trust  and Hope Prison Ministries to support those in prison and ex-convicts.

U-turn to help equip homeless people to find a solution to homelessness.

Yebolife to help restore and rebuild families with dignity in Capricorn.

Youth with A Mission (YWAM) to support local community work through sharing of leaders and volunteers.

“We have seen such value in being part of the overall parish of St Johns, Wynberg and we have shared our talents and encouraged each other, especially in difficult times”

(CHS Staff member)