Building the CHS Life Centre

We believe God is calling us to take a bold next step to build the CHS Life Centre.   Our vision is not just a church building used on a Sunday, but of a new kind of facility open to all throughout the week – to bring transformation to the lives of our people.

CHS stands in a strategic position, at a crossroads of very different communities. Crime, addictions and fear are widespread. Places for people within our community to meet are limited and unsafe or expensive. Our current CHS building is no longer fit for purpose. Demand for use of the building has grown in multiples. Our current facilities are overstretched and in an increasing state of disrepair. There is opportunity for so much more!

The Vision

The Life Centre will fully enable God’s call for CHS to be first and foremost, a holy place where all can connect with God, as well as a safe, welcoming home to bring people together, a resourcing harbour to empower and equip communities to share compassion and hope, and a linking hub to partner those with a similar call and passion.

Everyone is invited to ‘come to the table’, where all can gather to feast, with God at the centre.

The Impact

* Faith: A place to explore spiritual growth, worship, prayer and discipleship
* Relating: Family strengthening, youth mentoring, support and outreach for the vulnerable
* Learning: Skills development and training for all ages, after-school care and mentoring
* Work & Business: Resources for entrepreneurs & small business; work readiness. Free wifi.
* Well-being: Counselling, crisis and addiction support, play facilities and exercise programmes
* Leadership: Support for government and non-government organisations, skills development
* Media & Arts: Creating space for communication, expression, healing and worship.

The Design

We thank God for connecting us with Engineering Ministries International (EMI). Prayerful, consultative and creative, EMI brings their architectural and engineering expertise to projects that glorify God and build community. The Life Centre design is fresh and welcoming with a long table at the entrance linking the outside to the inside, inviting anyone to ‘come and sit at the table’. There is a large space for Sunday services, as well as smaller areas for community gatherings and meeting spaces.

All spaces are designed to be accessible, flexible and multi-functional, used throughout the week, designed both for today and generations to come.

The Invitation

Please Pray! Prayer is essential to ensure we follow God’s guidance and enable breakthrough every step of the way.

Please Give! Any donation, large or small, is valued as we invite you to partner with us or fund a particular area. Donate via Giving @CHS and reference “CHS Life Centre”.

Please Share our Exciting Vision: The Life Centre will tangibly impact many communities, so please share our vision with your colleagues and networks in South Africa and beyond.

For more information, complete the CHS Life Centre Response Form, scan and return, or email

The Progress

With the dedicated help of EMI, applications to the relevant planning departments are in process. We are slowly seeing progress as each milestone is reached and prayerfully await permissions to be issued.

We have also come a long way with funding. The overall build estimate is around R35 million and we are astounded that the Lord has enabled pledges to be committed for >50% of the funds required.  We remain fully persuaded that God is able to call those with heart and capacity to support the full budget.

We continue to learn much on the journey as we are called to persevere and deepen our foundations, and are seeing many stories of God’s faithfulness and hope.

‘We saw a table with everyone sitting together, eating. Jesus was there with us. Like in the Bible he was eating and drinking with us and he loved us. Anyone could sit, everyone could come eat.’

(The Children of CHS)