Prayer Blog – 4 October

Brendan’s announcement on Sunday about a second Curatorship at St Marks in Athlone starting February 2022 (4 months’ time!), sent shockwaves through our community – what a reason to pray! One of the things he mentioned was when you do a series on change, guess what?!!

We played the song ‘King of Kings’ by Hillsong – right up front, no matter what, we can still praise our God, for who He is, for what He has done, & what He is still going to do. He is working out His purposes, He is building His Church, & as we are learning in the current series, we all have gifts & we all have our part to play.

Good, bad, or ugly, God can use all things & situations for the good of those that love Him …… we’ve got to keep looking at Him, praise Him, confess our sins to Him, be dependent on Him, read His Word (which will stand forever), do things His way, pray to Him, continue to walk by faith in Him, & ……. find our joy in Him …… CS Lewis was ‘surprised by joy’ & wrote a book with that title. Nicky Gumbel wrote that joy ‘is not a fleeting emotion, but a deep way of being – a state of mind that is available to everybody. It is not found in things, but in a Person.’

We prayed for Brendan, his family, the staff, the leadership team, for the new pastorate members, for our Church, the Parish, the Bishops, & for others in authority.

We prayed for healing, forgiveness, for new life in the Spirit, new wineskins for new wine, that He would order the footsteps of the righteous, for guidance by the Spirit, for liberty & strength, that He would bring unity, for where there is unity the Lord commands the blessing.

God’s Word cuts through to bone & marrow meet – it reveals the heart & plans of man. Is 55:11 – His Word will accomplish that which it was sent out for. We prayed for a humility, an openness, a listening & a hearing of what God is saying – that we wouldn’t just look inward at the problems, but outward at the world. That the unsaved would come in, that we could reach out & have spiritual impact.

We thanked the Lord for our current venue & for how well it was working & continued to pray for the new venue & the finances that are still required. We prayed for the various ministries of the Church, that there would be deep & meaningful connection within the homegroups & huddles.

Psalm 84:10 ‘Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere’ …. Thank You Lord for your Peace, Your Presence, Your Plans, Your Power …….

Lead us Lord….! 😊

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