Every expression of church has its own flavour.  And while we unite with the historic and global Church as followers of Jesus Christ, we believe God shapes us in a unique way and calls us to specific vision and values.

We are:

  • A creative work in progress
  • Intentionally informal and flexible
  • Humbly recognising that God speaks authoritatively through the Bible.
  • Thankful for the experience of God encountered in worship and prayer
  • Open to the transforming work of God in our lives
  • Committed to living lives that reflect God’s grace, goodness and justice.
  • Called to serve those around us and every aspect of our society and environment with the ministry of Jesus Christ
  • Looking for God’s Way to be established in the entire world for the benefit of the entire world

We believe that:

  • God speaks and acts today and that we are called to hear and courageously follow Jesus.
  • God’s authoritative word is to be found in the Bible.
  • We all need forgiveness and can only be reconciled to God through the work of Jesus Christ in his life, death and resurrection.
  • God’s purpose is much bigger than ‘church’ and involves reconciling all things in Christ.
  • All are invited to participate.
  • The ministry of Jesus Christ continues through the church in the forms of healing, teaching and reconciliation.
  • God commands us to love Him with all our hearts, to love one another as Christ has loved us, and to love those around us.
  • The gifts of the Holy Spirit are God’s equipping for ministry
  • Every follower of Jesus has a vital role to play in the mission of God.

Our practice in church life currently focuses on:

  • Worship: Humanity’s ultimate calling is to honour and adore God above everything else. The Holy Spirit draws people into a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ and we celebrate this with all kinds of creative expression.  As we worship together we encounter God’s transforming presence.
  • Teaching: We need to be taught how we should live and relate to God. The Bible is God’s primary means of speaking to us.  We study the Bible to apply what we learn to daily living and so become agents of transformation in our City and society.
  • Mercy: We express God’s mercy to us through actions of practical mercy to those in need. We do this by giving time, resources, prayer and finances to those fulfil Christ’s commission to ‘preach good news to the poor’.
  • Unity: We are willing to work with all Christians, who hold Jesus as Saviour and Lord, as partners in God’s Mission to the whole world, beginning right here and now.

We pray that God will equip and release new disciples of Jesus, new leaders in the Way of Jesus, and new communities that bring God’s good news about Jesus to our city, continent and planet.  A movement which multiplies the ministry of Jesus Christ.