MON 25th OCT 2021

THANKSGIVING: Thank You Lord for the PCE decision to go ahead with the construction phase to the minimum build standard; for the two cottages that have been sold, the finances that have continued to come in for the Life Centre, that the piling was all completed without any hiccups & within budget – what a journey of Faith! We are building a Body, not just a building!

WE PRAYED FOR: Upcoming Friday night’s service on the construction site – Praise & prayer over the foundations! For the planning of the different uses & tenants for the Life Centre; For the election of the new pastorate members on Sunday; for the venue & the various challenges & set-up issues; for Brendan & family – for a new boldness & confidence in Him; for those that are sick, struggling; for the CHS staff & preparation for Deborah starting next week; for Zane & family – strength, courage, boldness, peace, His Prescence in their lives – Ps 94:19 – ‘When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy”. We prayed for Brendan & Brian – for wisdom, anointing, , guidance, His leading, a sensitivity to Him for Him keeping us on course’; For a venue soon where we can all meet across the generations!

We prayed that He would take us into His fullness, that those outside the Church would come in, for God’s love to be manifest, for His praise to ever be on our lips, for boldness & the gift of faith, to be witnesses of his power within us; like Peter at Pentecost, that we could proclaim in a way that people would hear, that there’d be freedom from sin & brokenness, that He would pour out His Spirit, that there’s be a cleansing like in baptism, that there’d be a window open in the heavenlies, that we’d make the most of every opportunity, that in God’s upside down Kingdom, people are first, then buildings;

Help us Lord remain connected to each other & to be faithful in the space that you have put us!