The painting of the prodigal son and daughter hang in our church. A reminder of the good news about the great love of a reconciling God who forgives and restores. Jesus has the power to heal our relationship with Him and with each other. It is beautiful when our lived reality mirrors the kingdom represented in that story.

A building serving its community speaks volumes about real mission in action. Church of the Holy Spirit (CHS) in Kirstenhof, Cape Town, opened their doors to 10 vulnerable homeless women from the Muizenberg street community during COVID-19 lock-down. By partnering with homeless charity U-Turn, other churches and NGO’s, and with input from many in the community, these ladies were provided a safe and nurturing home for four months.


Having worked with the homeless for many years, Phinius and Katlyn Sebatsane lived at CHS with the ladies. Four months of intentionality, building community and creating a Godly space, lead to healing and rehabilitation. All 10 ladies have since, either been reconciled with family or found safe and secure places to stay. Many now want to help other women to find healing and a home off the streets.

“It shows, what treating people as the valued humans they are, can do for those who have felt like trash for most of their life. It was a community effort and what God has started here, I know will not end here.” Phinius Sebatsane (U-Turn)

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