The CHS building will be closed during the lockdown.

We have left the building but we are still the church.
We are showing love by staying home to keep ourselves and others safe
We are showing love as we serve at checkout counters and in hospitals
We are showing love as we chat with a neighbour over the fence
We are showing love when call to check in on the vulnerable or alone
We are showing love as we share our resources with those whose wells have run dry
We are showing love as we pray

We lift our eyes above the waves
To the face of our Saviour and Lord
He is good
He is faithful
He is compassionate
He is Love

During the lockdown we will be:

  • Praying – “My house will be called a house of Prayer”
  • Sharing daily devotions (songs, testimonies and scripture) online
  • Sharing resources for children and youth to worship and reflect
  • Encouraging each other as we adjust to this new reality

Letter from Parish Rector and Team Leader Duncan McLea

Please click on the link below to read a pastoral letter from Duncan to all the churches of the parish. Duncan reflects on the lament of Psalm 137 as the people cry out… “How can we sing the songs of the LORD while in a foreign land?” (Psa 137:3)

CoronaVirusPastoralLetter – 2020-03-26

Practical steps

  • We have set up a CHS Staying Connected Watsapp group to keep in touch. Please email or if you would like to be added to it.
  • We have also set up a CHS Support List of those who are vulnerable or might be in need of practical or pastoral support. Colleen, Judy Van Zyl, Lyn, Ros and Brendan will manage the list and track the needs and co-ordinate a response.  Please email or message Colleen at if you are in need of support or know who is in need of support.